Your Turn

I now challenge you to fast and test your own body reaction!

For a specific period of time - whether 24h, 48h or 72h - try it out. Test your productivity level, your desire to breathe, your desire to eat, your energy level and your emotional mood.

  1. Set a date to commit to it : from when to when will you do your fast ?
  2. Tell your friends in order to have accountability. If you want to take it even further, do it together.
  3. Track your experience with the tracking spreadsheet. Also note down specific events such as exercise, amount of drinking, or stressful situations that might affect your KPIs.
  4. Capture your experience afterwards : what did you learn from your experience ?

Need help or tips?

👉Write me on Messenger and tell me what you're up, I'd love to help


This is not medical advice. Although I did base my fast on studies and had a scientific approach, your body might react differently, so be cautious -do not fast if you are pregnant, sick, psychologically stressed, having eating disorders, just adopted a new diet, or have diseases that might jeopardize your health even more.