We believe that living a fulfilled and meaningful life is an individual responsibility of each human being. What’s life without hunger for it? We strive to help people find their calling, understand themselves better and build a joyful life around those things.

Lifestyle Engineering is a tight-knit private community of life hackers. Among our members are world-record holders, professional athletes and entrepreneurs. We are a group united by an experimentation mindset and passion for growth. We meet up around the world at places ranging from Barcelona to California, from South America to Bali. Together, we’ve started businesses, built pop-up coliving spaces, and threw events. We work hard, play hard and support each other doing it.

1. Analyze
We start with the end in mind. What's your life mission? What are you optimizing for in life? What can you learn about yourself from your experiences? What worked and didn’t and why

2. Design

Design your plan based on your life's mission, passions and experiences. We also adjust our plans based on our learning and information from the Analysis step.

3. Execute

Plans are worthless if not put into practice. Only through taking actions can we learn about ourselves and turn ambitions into reality. When execution falls short, we go back to analysis and adjust our design until it works for us.
And Repeat...

The key ingredients of the LE approach.


Lifestyle is the overarching character of how you spend your time: your actions, thoughts, habits, mindset, and so much more. It’s why, how, where and with whom you want to live.


Engineering is the process of designing and implementing systems in the most optimal fashion, considering limitations and applying the scientific method to solve problems.


Living proactively is about taking action. Together, Lifestyle Engineering is the process of designing and implementing the optimal life for you – honing the mindset and skill set to craft the experiences you dream about.

The Community

Lifestyle Engineering is the place to share life hacks, routines, our successes & failures and keep each other accountable and motivated. Improve productivity, experience more of life, make new friends, check off items on our bucket lists, make an impact in the world and have fun doing it!

Our members are around the world, training with ninjas, running companies, kitesurfing on Necker Island, reaching millions of people, leveraging rapid learning strategies, partying on the floor of the NYSE, crushing four and a half minute miles, and simply achieving their dreams. And we celebrate every win together.


Uncover your blind spots and get unique perspectives.


Learn from the top 1% resources will accelerate you x10. What you do is more important than how you do it.


This community will help you engineer personalized goals and keep you on track with getting there.


Our community has a far-reaching network that ranges from billionaires to presidents. We can connect you with the world’s top performers.


Lifestyle Engineers constantly collaborate to create the best resources to help you achieve your dreams.

Featured Members

Renat Gabitov

Inspire a more adventurous & mission-driven world.

Steven J. Posner

Live authentically and live a life of love, health, joy and prosperity with those that bring true meaning to my life.

Rian Doris

Elevate the consciousness of the human race so as to positively impact the trajectory of humanity.

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