Post-Apocalyptic Coliving Experience. Engineered For Connection, Inspiration and Creation

Lifestyle Engineering House 2020
ūüďÜ Sometime in 2020 (probably Sep)
ūüďćSomewhere in the world


The whole corona virus thing introduced new challenges. We are still on this world-wide social connection fast. And like every good fast, it will be followed by a feast. With parties, a dope crowd and inspiration.
Lifestyle Engineering is launching its next coliving experience bringing 10 friends and close friends of friends together. We will produce: music, food, content, startups. We will connect: deep conversations, masterminds, authentic relating. We will play, thrive and co-exist.



It’s pretty simple. We’ve done these coliving houses many times before (5 to be exact). In fact, we even wrote a book about it. Some of the best moments in our lives happened to be in those houses. The pandemic created space between us and empowering people that help bring the best in ourselves. The 2020 House will create the perfect environment to kill that distance and get really grovy. Well, productive and all that jazz too, of course. 
The house will be a non-for-profit. It will be somewhere in Europe. Sometime in September, most likely. 


Who is more important than what. We are brining entrepreneurs, artists, life addicts and high impact humans, who share our values, to connect deeply and grow together.
The space will be limited to max 10 people. All will be best friends of best friends.