Insightful conversations with humans living purposeful lives, crazy lifestyles and hacking peak performance.

Lifestyle Engineering podcast explores the questions that we never learned in school.

- How to find our purpose in life?
- What is happiness? What is love?
- How can we live interesting and fulfilling lives?
- How do we understand who we are better?
- How do we become outstanding at living?

We sit down with people from all walks of life and professions learning their authentic stories. The stories of hardship and triumphs. Pain and pleasure. Success and failure.

We also discuss engineering dream lifestyle and living on our own terms. How to feel our best and perform our best.

The podcast guests include entrepreneurs, pro athletes, Navy SEALs, diplomats, neuroscientists scientists, philosophers and philanthropists.


About the Host

Renat Gabitov

I am just a human trying to understand how this world works and who I am. Born in Moscow, I’d set out on a mission to learn from inspiring entrepreneurs. Maybe they knew? After meeting Richard Branson, Tim Draper, founders of Airbnb, Lyft, Twitter, etc., I’ve realized that many of them are just ordinary people choosing to do extraordinary things. I soon discovered my WHY (create a more adventurous & mission-driven world), HOW (promoting connection, education and tech) and WHAT (my companies & movement). Since then my work has reached 13 quintillion brain sells, inspired an Uber driver, and made my mom happy.

I am a passionate kitesurfer, personal growth junkie, futurist, earthian, lover of cinematic arts, and friend.

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We seek to share stories of people who found deep meaning and live life of their dreams.