#005. 🎙 Jimmy Naraine: Spartan Mindset, Life of Adventure and Committing to Your Dreams

June 2, 2020

Jimmy Naraine is an entrepreneur, educator and adventurer. Jimmy has explored over 76 countries, while running his business that by now has educated over 150k students.

Jimmy suffered from social anxiety and low self-esteem. Now, it is his mission to help millions of people  destroy their limiting beliefs and tap into their true potential.

During our conversation we talk about:

- Growing up in Post-Soviet Poland
- Building up self-confidence
- Leaving the corporate world to pursue his passion
- Hitchhiking 3,000 km with $200 in his pocket.
- Becoming a digital educator and growing his audience to 150,000 students
- Spartan Mindset


Jimmy Naraine

🎥Author of courses seen in FoxNews, Forbes, Entrepreneur, 175k+ clients, 21k ratings
🎤Consultant on Course Creation
🌍76 countries
☯️ Student of Life