#008. ๐ŸŽ™ Paul Kirchoff: Re-writing the Constitution, Defeating Insecurities and Building Companies

June 18, 2020

Paul Kirchoff is an entrepreneur, a community builder and a humanitarian. Paul is the founder of EPX which takes world's most epic humans (like astronauts, billionaires) on world's most epic adventures such as crossing the Sahara, taking Russian MIGs to Space and climbing the inside of the Great Pyramids.

Paul was also an early employee at Dell, where started a branch that grew from zero to $1.5 billion in sales in just 11 month. Paul built and sold a marketing software company to a Nasdaq-listed company.

As we are now going corona virus pandemic, Paul started Operations SprintLift, a non-profit that aims to protect elderly and the homeless with medical supplies and PPE.


Paul Kirchoff

Entrepreneur, investor and global adventurer. Founder and CEO of EPX Worldwide, an exclusive community of explorers and entrepreneurs driving faster business success and maxing out the planet's most amazing experiences.