Your Turn

I hope you’ve gleaned a new perspective on hiring and working with freelancers from this guide.  And if you’ve never hired a freelancer before, I hope it gave you some guidance on what to look for in selecting, hiring and  managing top freelancers in the most cost-efficient manner for your project.


If you’ve never hired a freelancer before, I  encourage you to:

1. Pick a task or area that you would like to outsource. Remember the decision chart when decide what to outsource.

2. Start with end in mind: describe what success would look like to you. Include time lines, quality metrics, costs and other KPIs. Think about the benefits of hiring a freelancer.  Use the questions from this guide to stimulate your thinking.

3. Go on one of the freelance platforms, write a job description and post it. I recommend to try at least 3.

4. Use the techniques in the article to hire the best freelancer within your budget for the task and see if you can negotiate a lower price. Remember: “no risk, no reward!”

3.  Once you hire the freelancer, use some of the “management” techniques above to keep him/her on task, motivated and to get the highest quality  work out of them.

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Pass on this challenge to a friend who can benefit from this.

You can also ask me any questions related to outsourcing in the comments below.